MKE: webinar 2

I was flabbergasted by the second webinar. So much useful information in there, so much life enriching truth.

Did you know there are TONS of Blue Triangles in my world? So cool to have them convey a message to me, just because I let them.

The 3x/day reading is now becoming a habit. No matter how early I have to get up or how late I retire at night, I WILL do my reading, either in silence or out loud with great enTHUsiasm!

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MKE MMA: the first week

Since I am more of a Trekkie than a Techie, and have never blogged before, I am posting late about week 1. 😉

In week 1, the SITS have been a strange experience for me. The first 2 days, I was fidgety and like How Much Longer Am I To Do This? But from day 3 I was able to ease my mind, go with the flow during the sit. I experienced this wonderful calm, which amazed me. Yes, I sit in utter silence. Yes, I can just let my mind wonder and relax my body. A beautiful thing, relaxing and meditational, spiritual even. Love it!

In week 1, my lovely guide Steve from the UK sent a welcome message and he set up the group on the Marco Polo Ap. Lovely people gathering, very nice.

The workbook is great and I just love Scroll 1 🙂

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MKEMMA week 1 :)

And so it begins…..

I just loved the first webinar. All the down to earth stuff that was being shared and the very practical setep of everything. Oh NO! Do silent SITS for 15 minutes Every Day?!?! Now that is going to be a challenge, haha. But I am ready, I will play ful out! I look forward to everything that this course is going to bring. New friends, better focus, better use of time!

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