And then Week 5: week 5 was awesome!

WOW! Week 5, and finally I feel that things are starting to come together for me. I am doing wayyy better with the Sit, the reading is becoming more and more a habit (I feel I take the message in better too). There are no excuses: the reading and the sit and the item on the Service card, they are all part of my day. They get done, like getting dressed, eating and sleeping. NOW I understand how procrastination can be crushed and WILL be crushed. My overall productivity per day is increasing, my sleeping pattern is changing, and I do not get as stressed over stuff (I know that is all it is 😉 ) anymore. I am SO grateful for the MKE and all the people in it! We are blessed people, to have this chance to understand ourselves and our human behaviours better and to work and allow ourselves to change.

Oh, the opinions! Now that is a cool part of my day! It is truely amazing to realize how bloody many remarks, conversations, questions, statements in people’s -and yes, in my own too- communications are all about OPINIONS! What fun to realize that and to train your brain to let go of that nonsense.

Reminder to self: Rewarded Behaviour Gets Repeated!



Week 4 of MKE

This week has been all about finding Blue rectangles. Man, I saw them EVERYWHERE. Isn’t it interesting that you see stuff when you focus on it? I saw the blue rectangles in stationary (envelopes), logos, advertisements, on my WP blog (the Publish button), in my crafts stash (stamps that I printed off in blue ink), blue bags that people were carrying in the street, etc. etc.

I am thinking about my dream board/vision board and how to create it. That is a lot of fun! And yes, stick a message to the wall where it is in you periferal vision a couple of times each day works miracles, so a dream board is going to have the same effect.

DIY - Have Your Own Vision Board Workshop list

Finally I am back blogging: week 3

The flu got me! And it got me bad. I feel that it got me the way it did, because there is a lot of emotional stuff going on in the family. All four of us in this house are grieving, and we all do that in our very own way. I am so happy that we can comfort each other, feel the loss but also look to the future.

Week 3 of the MKE… Well, this journey is bringing on major changes in my every day life. Of course there is the Reads. I enjoy them thoroughly and I am getting good at doing them regularly. Then there is THE SIT 😉 Oh man, the start of the Sits was like a kind of bumpy road for me. It has shown me that I have not taken enough time to relax, think things over, take a little break time for myself. The Sit is still quite challenging but I feel that I am much more ”at ease” with it and I am actually enjoying it.


MKE: webinar 2

I was flabbergasted by the second webinar. So much useful information in there, so much life enriching truth.

Did you know there are TONS of Blue Triangles in my world? So cool to have them convey a message to me, just because I let them.

The 3x/day reading is now becoming a habit. No matter how early I have to get up or how late I retire at night, I WILL do my reading, either in silence or out loud with great enTHUsiasm!

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MKE MMA: the first week

Since I am more of a Trekkie than a Techie, and have never blogged before, I am posting late about week 1. 😉

In week 1, the SITS have been a strange experience for me. The first 2 days, I was fidgety and like How Much Longer Am I To Do This? But from day 3 I was able to ease my mind, go with the flow during the sit. I experienced this wonderful calm, which amazed me. Yes, I sit in utter silence. Yes, I can just let my mind wonder and relax my body. A beautiful thing, relaxing and meditational, spiritual even. Love it!

In week 1, my lovely guide Steve from the UK sent a welcome message and he set up the group on the Marco Polo Ap. Lovely people gathering, very nice.

The workbook is great and I just love Scroll 1 🙂

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MKEMMA week 1 :)

And so it begins…..

I just loved the first webinar. All the down to earth stuff that was being shared and the very practical setep of everything. Oh NO! Do silent SITS for 15 minutes Every Day?!?! Now that is going to be a challenge, haha. But I am ready, I will play ful out! I look forward to everything that this course is going to bring. New friends, better focus, better use of time!

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